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OptiSelect® Manual Gun

OptiSelect is a powerful 100 kV manual gun that ensures great powder savings and application quality for long time with reduced operators' fatigue.


Keep your application under control with this advanced control unit. The integrated Powder Charge Control (PCC) Technology ensures greater accuracy.

OptiFlow Powder Injector

The OptiFlow's unique design reduces wear consumption and guarantees a constant powder flow for a long time with any organic powder.


With PowerClean the operator activates a quick purge cycle directly from the gun and eliminate all powder accumulations. Color changes are much faster and easier.

OptiFlex2 Q

OptiFlex®2 Q Quick Color Change Unit

Performs color change in 35 seconds and maximizes productivity.

OptiFlex2 B

OptiFlex®2 B Vibratory Box Feed Powder Coating Unit

Delivers fast turnaround for small to medium production runs, perfect for all color changes.

OptiFlex®2 F Spray: designed for high powder outputs

The usage of OptiSpray AP01 application pumps ensures best coating results for high film builds with an powder output of up to 600 g/min.

The OptiFlex®2 Manual Powder Coating System

The new OptiFlex®2, puts the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology in the palm of your hand. Spray all powder coating materials with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and do it all in the most challenging environments – anywhere on the planet.

Any Powder

Today, you’re faced with the challenge of spraying a multitude of powder coating colors and chemistries.  OptiFlex®2 manual powder coating system gives you the power and control needed to achieve the best looking finish with any powder coating.

Any Part

Complex part geometries won’t slow you down. OptiFlex®2 manual powder coating system simplifies the coating of difficult shapes by applying the powder coating precisely where needed.

Any Place

No matter where you are, you’ll be powder coating perfectly with the new OptiFlex®2. Whether operating in heat or cold, in dry or humid conditions, OptiFlex®2 delivers outstanding functionality and performance required for any coating environment.

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More than 40 years' experience in powder coating, innovative solutions and advanced technologies make Gema the APPLICATION EXPERT for your special coating demands.

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The History of OptiFlex2


The new OptiFlex 2 FE is the powerful manual unit for the application of abrasive enamel powder.