FAQ – Powder Coating Equipment & the OptiFlex®2

Question 1

I do not have an environmental room around my powder coating equipment and our plant is located in climate conditions that are very hot and humid, how will the OptiFlex®2 perform?


Heat and humidity present a variety of challenges for other powder coating equipment, but the robust design of the OptiFlex®2 gun provides greater reliability and operational performance when used in this kind of environment. Gema engineers have developed new technology into the integrated cascade multiplier, so it outperforms all other guns in hot, humid coating conditions.

Question 2

My operators use the manual powder guns all day long and the experience fatigue that leads to mistakes, how will OptiFlex®2 help?


OptiFlex®2 is a light-weight, ergonomically designed gun that provides better in-hand balance and feel. Your operators will find that this allows them to comfortably position the gun for better coverage and faster coating. Another feature helping your operators to powder coat any part geometry is the On-gun remote control. Not only can your operators comfortably position the gun for optimal coating, but they will also have the flexibility to adjust parameters without turning away from their work.


Question 3

I am having difficulty with spraying a metallic powder onto my product. How will the OptiFlex®2 manual powder coating equipment help me?


OptiFlex®2 is designed to spray all types of powder, but when it comes to a metallic powder that’s where OptiFlex®2 really preforms. If the metallic powder cannot be sprayed with standard factory preset coating modes (flat, complicated, recoat), then you can use the PCC coating mode and set your electrostatic coating parameters for optimum current (μA) setting. OptiFlex®2 is designed so that you can make current setting adjustments from 1-10 μA, in 0.5 μA increments. This allows you to find that perfect setting so that powder will go precisely where you want it and at the desired thickness. Additionally the PowerClean™ feature helps to reduce metallic powder buildup on the tip and nozzle as well as keeps the powder path free of excessive buildup that often leads to reduced efficiencies.

Question 4

I perform a lot of color changes with my manual powder coating gun, will the OptiFlex®2 make this easier and shorter?

OptiFlex®2 will make color changes easier from a couple of perspectives. First the new, ultra-efficient powder pump design employs the most effective angle to consistently deliver powder, resulting in optimized air consumption, less powder waste, and making color changes easier. Another important addition to the OptiFlex®2 is the PowerClean™ module. This new development reduces color change time by cleaning the entire powder path from the pump to the gun tip by using powerful blasts of air (30 Nm3/h; 18cfm) - all at the push of a button.

Question 5

I have tried other manual powder guns and they do not seem to survive in our coating operation, how will OptiFlex®2 be any different?

Each OptiFlex®2 is uses a one piece gun body design, die-cast zinc pump, and steel construction cart providing unparalleled toughness and durability that stand up to any coating environment.


Question 6

My company is producing a product resembling an automobile heat exchanger; and it is difficult to get my powder coating equipment to apply the powder into the deep recesses of the product. How will OptiFlex®2 perform any better?

Unprecedented control of current and voltage is what makes OptiFlex®2 perform so successfully. By using the Precision Charge Control (PCC) coating mode, you can adjust your electrostatic parameters to ensure maximum efficiency and uniformity of coating. Plus for improved coverage, OptiFlex®2 use a new generation of spray nozzles that provide excellent powder distribution and penetration needed to coat difficult geometries.