Any Part

Complex part geometries won’t slow you down. OptiFlex®2 manual powder coating system simplifies the coating of difficult shapes by applying the powder coating precisely where needed.

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  1. For the Ultimate flexibility, 20 custom programs allow you to set powder output, air volume, current and voltage, saving them for recall at any time.
  2. Unprecedented precision control of current and voltage ensuring maximum efficiency and uniformity of coating.
  3. On-gun remote control gives you the flexibility to adjust parameters without turning away from your work, and easily activate the PowerClean mode.
  4. Light-weight, ergonomically designed gun provides better in-hand balance and feel allowing you to comfortably position the gun for better coverage and faster coating.
  5. a) New generation of spray nozzles provide excellent powder distribution and penetration needed to coat difficult geometries.
    b) OptiFlex®2 can be configured with extension allowing operators to reach difficult and recessed areas.
    c) New snap-in design for the SuperCorona® ring reduces orange peel producing a smoother finish.
  6. When a simpler solution is called for, operators can select one of 3 preprogrammed settings.
    a) Flat Parts, maximizes voltage for optimum transfer efficiency.
    b) Complex Parts, modifies voltage while holding current for optimum penetration and transfer efficiency.
    c) Recoat Parts, automatically adjusts voltage and current to the optimum level for recoating previously coated parts.