Any Powder

Today, you’re faced with the challenge of spraying a multitude of powder coating colors and chemistries. OptiFlex®2 manual powder coating system gives you the power and control needed to achieve the best looking finish with any powder coating.

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  1. PowerClean™ is a new development which cleans the entire powder path from the pump to the gun tip. Using powerful blasts of air (30Nm3/h), OptiFlex®2 improves performance when spraying challenging powders and makes color changes easier.
  2. New, ultra-efficient powder pump design employs the most effective angle to consistently deliver powder, resulting in optimized air consumption and less powder waste.
  3. For challenging powders such as metallic or special effect, OptiFlex®2 offers Precision Charge Control (PCC) ensuring greater accuracy and adjustability of current settings below ten microamperes (10 µA).
  4. The high performance integrated cascade power supply, with 100,000 volts of first pass power, efficiently charges all types of powders.
  5. New generation spray nozzle design provides superior application performance when spraying challenging powder like metallic or special effects.
  6. Improved suction tube design provides consistent powder flow ensuring a more stable powder cloud, giving a more uniform finish.